Business Coaching

for empathic and intuitive people

The decision to start and run a business is one of the most exciting, and most frightening, ones of your life. When coaching intuitive people,  I focus on what it means to be a "canary in a coalmine" of the business world - how to navigate your vulnerabilities, and how to cultivate your strengths. The sessions are directed by you, but here are some topic ideas: 

  • Using intuitive strengths - how do use your intuition in sales and in other interactions with prospects and customers. 
  • Empathic self-defence - how to communicate effectively in negotiations and conflicts. 
  • Creativity and business -  use your natural creativity as a way to accomplish your goals. 
  • Business pathfinding - There are often an overwhelming number of choices when running a business. I help you find the right path. 

Session are sold in sets of 3 for $400.  We start off with an initial no-cost strategy session to see if the fit is right. 


Career Coaching

for empathic and intuitive people

Do you ever feel like you don't belong in your work environment? Are there days when you are not sure if this is the right place for you? You are not alone. Empathic and intuitive people have an important role to play in the workplace, but it is not always easy. Here is what we focus on: 

  • Why empaths and intuitives matter - empaths and intuitives play an important role in the workplace, but your co-workers, or even your manager, may not understand that. We discuss why empaths and intuitives matter and how to navigate the workplace effectively. 
  • Toxic handler self-defence - sensitive people can take on the role of "toxic handlers" in the workplace,  meaning they take on the emotions and difficult situations that others do not want to handle. We work on how to resolve this together. 
  • Career pathfinding - Determine what career path you should take, or I can help you navigate the path you are on. 

Sessions are sold in sets of 3 for $500.  We start off with a complimentary strategy session